Practical uses

Thanks to its userfriendliness and simplicity, to the availability of two separate working areas: tutors’ vs. patients’, and to the thousands of different exercises available, Smartbrain allows many practical uses for doing cognitive stimulation:

  • Therapeutic tool for taking care, at home or in a specialized center, of any case of cognitive impairment or dementica: ageing, mild cognitive impairment – MCI, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ictus, brain damage, down syndrome, long-term AIDS treatment, etc.
  • Non-pharmacological tool for  complementing the treatment based on drugs of any case of cognitive impairment.
  • Brain training system for any adult or senior wishing to prevent the loss of memory or any other mental skill due tu aging or retirement.
  • Tool for doing mental skills level tests, and for comparing them accross time.
  • Tool for doing programmed sets of cognitive stimulation exercises with persons staying at home or who are attending a day-care center, a nursing home, a specialized center, etc. with the help of a care-giver, relative or specialist.
  • Tool for backing an at-home cognitive stimulation service done by a visiting specialist provided with a portable PC or a tablet, or who is using the device available at the patient’s home.

These practical uses can be enjoyed directly at home, by oneself or with the help of a relative or a caregiver, in those cases where the patient cannot attend an specialized center.

And logically, they can also be enjoyed at any day-care center, nursing home, residence, specialized center, etc., where adults and seniors are being taken care of.

In all the cases Smartbrain is a very intuitive and easy-to-use program, that does not require any specific knowledge and that can be used with any computer, tablet or smartphone.

If you want know more about the practical uses of Smartbrain, and how it can be suited to meet any need of cognitive stimulation, contact us by phone: (+34) 609 792 358, or by e-mail: