More than 60,000 exercises

Smartbrain Pro features 132 different activities for cognitive stimulation, which allow you to work-out all the mental skills: memory, language, math, orientation, attention, recognition and executive functions.

All the activities feature 15 levels of difficulty, and for each one there are multiple resources that allow the generation of many different exercises. Thus, with Smartbrain Pro you can have more than 60,000 different exercises for cognitive stimulation,  which facilitate the personalization and adaptation of its use to any individual need or situation.


Mental skill Number of exercises (est.)
 Language 10.000
 Math 15.000
 Memory 15.000
 Attention 7.000
 Orientation 3.000
 Recognition 8.000
 Executive Functions 5.000

If you want to know the activities offered by Smartbrain Pro and how it works, we invite you to ask for the free trial by submitting the form available at the “Buy now” section.