Easy and userfriendly

Smartbrain Pro has been carefully designed to be very userfriendly and easy to use for both the tutors and the users of the program, and thus effective, without requiring any specific knowledge or skill to be able to use it:

  • The tutors’ working area features userfriendly menus that facilitate the access to all the tools needed by the tutors to define and manage easily the stimulation plans of their users.
  • The users’ working area presents them automatically the exercises to be done.
  • The exercises are presented to the users at full screen, and the instructions are received through short, simple and clear audios recorded in the users’ mother tongue with the voice of an adult.
  • The answer options are presented with photographs, images, words, etc., without the use of drawings or any element that may make the user feel that he/she is not being treated as an adult.
  • If after a while the user has not chosen any answer, the program repeats the instruction to avoid any possible case of misunderstanding or of a short-term memory problem.
  • The users choose the answers to the exercises by clicking with the mouse or by touching on a touch-screen.
  • The correct answers are indicated by congratulations, and the incorrect ones by positive feedbacks, so that the user is never told that he has done something badly.

The program also features clear instructions of use for both the users and the tutors, as well as recommendations of use. On top of it, you also have permanent access to our customer contact center, available by phone and by e-mail.

And to use Smartbrain Pro you don’t need to buy any specific hardware. It works with the computer, tablet, smartphone or mobile device you already have.

If you wish to know and try the program you can ask for a free trial by submitting the form available at the “Buy now” section.