Version 2023

We are permanently updating and improving the Smartbrain Program, by listening to the suggestions and comments coming from our users, by adding new activities and/or by increasing their resources to generate many more different exercises, by improving the technical details and features, etc.

Thus, with all the improvements done lately, the current version 2023 of Smartbrain features 132 different activities that allow to work-out all the mental skills, all of them with 20 levels of difficulty and with many internal resources that generate more than 80,000 different exercises, available in several languages: english, spanish, italian, hebrew, swedish and catalan.

This huge choice of exercises, non paralleled by any other similar program, makes it very easy to personalize the use of the program to the individual need of any patient,  thus guaranteeing the achievement of the desired results in the shortest possible time. 

With the version 2023 we have also updated the graphic interface, as well as the technical features of the program, so that it can be used on-line with any PC, tablet or smartphone; or installed in WindowsOS computers.