Smartbrain Multi

Smartbrain Multi is the option of use that allows the installation of the program in a WindowsOS computer, and to use it with multiple patients, defining for each one of them their respective personalized cognitive stimulation plan.

This is the best option of use for the nursing homes, residences, day-care centers, specialized centers, etc., which don´t have a good access to the Internet, or when having the program installed in one or several computers is the preferred choice vs. the on-line option.

The installation of Smartbrain Multi is done with a file sent via e-mail. There are three purchasing options depending on the number of patients allowed by the installation (up to 5, 10 or 20), in order to adapt it to the different numbers of computers available and patients with whom the program will be used. And you also have the choice to buy the program with time license for 1, 2 or 3 years, renewable for the same number of years, with these selling prices:

Smartbrain Multi # users License 1 year License years License 3 years
Smartbrain Multi5 Up to 5 295 € 550 € 795 €
Smartbrain Multi10 Up to 10 550 € 995 € 1495 €
Smartbrain Multi20 Up to 20 995 € 1795 € 2500 €

All these prices are in euros, ex-VAT. Dividing these prices by the number of months, the cost of use goes as low as 3,4 euros/patient/month, resulting thus in a great value for your money..

If you wisth to buy Smartbrain Multi just call us at: (+34) 609 792 358; or send us an e-mail to:; or fill up the purchasing form available at the “Buy now” section