Smartbrain Web

Smartbrain Web is the option for using the program on-line, through the Internet, with any computer, tablet or mobile device, anytime and anywhere, 24h x 7d.

This is the best option of use for the nursing homes, day-care centers, medical centers, residences, families, etc. who prefer to use the program on-line vs. being installed, who need to access to the program from several computers and/or from different locations, who want to give access to the program to distant users, or who need to track its use by users at different sites.

Smartbrain Web allows the use of the program by an unlimited number of tutors and/or users, and it does not require any program installation or maintenance, as it works in the cloud, from the Smartbrain servers.

To be able to use Smartbrain Web you just need to purchase a license of use. You will then receive the username and password keys to access to the program as the license’s administrator, who can register into the program as many tutors as needed, without limitation. The tutors authorized by the administrator can register into the program as many users as they need, also without limitation, and define for each of them their respective personal stimulation plans with the help of the tutors’ working area tools.

The cost of use of the Smartbrain Web license is variable, in a SaaS mode (software as a service), as it depends on the number of users using the program and the number of hours they use it. It is calculated monthly applying this rate: 1,5 euros/user/month + 1 euro/hour of use. This results in cost per user and month from just 2,5 euros.

If you wish to know more about Smartbrain Web, or if you want to suscribe a license to use it, just call us at: (+34) 902 104 333; send us an e-mail to:; or fill up the subscription form available at the “Buy now” section.