Smartbrain Games

On top of Smartbrain Pro, you can also enjoy our Smartbrain Games.

Smartbrain Games is a modern interactive brain training program to keep fit your brain, whichever your age, that helps you to work-out and strengthen all your mental skills in order to prevent their loss and to maintain your independence, autonomy and quality of life for long.

Smartbrain Games can be used on-line, with any PC, tablet or smartphone; or by installing it in a computer with the help of a CDRom. It has two main differences vs. Smartbrain Pro:

  • Higher difficulty levels: For the same type of activity, the difficulty levels of the Smartbrain Games exercises are higher than those of Smartbrain Pro. The Smartbrain Games activities feature ten levels of difficulty, being the lower ones similar to the medium-high difficulties of Smartbrain Pro, and being the higher ones really diabolical.
  • There is no tutors’ working area: As Smartbrain Games is aimed at people without cognitive problems, who can decide by themselves which activities to do, it does not feature a tutors’ working area for defining and tracking stimulation plans. However, Smartbrain Games does feature self-evaluation tests to measure and track your level of brain-training over time, so that you can check at any moment your progress and even compare it with other people.

If you wish to know more about Smartbrain Games, and try it, go to its webpage: