What’s Smartbrain Pro?

Smartbrain Pro is an interactive program that has been carefully developed to be used as a therapeutic tool for treating any case of cognitive impairment, such as: mild cognitive impairment – MCI, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons’, ictus, brain damage, down syndrome, etc

Smartbrain Pro is an effective non-pharmacological tool for complementing the treatment with drugs of a cognitive impairment, as its therapeutic efficacy has been scientifically proven

Smartbrain Pro features thousands of interactive exercises for cognitive stimulation, with different levels of difficulty and available in several languages, which allow the stimulation and empowerment of all the mental skills:

  • Memory
  • Language
  • Math
  • Attention
  • Recognition
  • Orientation
  • Executive functions

Smartbrain Pro can be used with any computer, tablet or smartphone, on-line or installing it, with the mouse or a touch-screen.

One of the great advantages of Smartbrain Pro is that you don´t need any specific device or hardware to use it, nor any special skill or knowledge. Anyone can use the program with the PC, tablet or smartphone he/she already has, in a very intuitive, userfriendly and practical way.

Smartbrain Pro has been developed by Educamigos, with the scientific support of Fundació ACE and specialists from the University of Pittsburg. Since 2004 Smartbrain Pro is helping all the families and corporations concerned with the treatment and care of people suffering any kind of cognitive impairment with a useful, modern and effective tool for taking care of their illness.